About Turbo Link

Turbo Link has been operating for 10 years in Singapore since its incorporation in 2013. It is a distributor and e-retailer of computer hardware and accessories and computer software (except games).

We are an online shop dedicated to providing high-quality and innovative products to enhance your digital lifestyle. From keyboards and mice to power banks, phone cables, and adapters, we offer a wide range of accessories designed to make your tech experience seamless and convenient.


Our mission is to empower individuals with the latest and most reliable tech accessories. We aim to make technology more accessible and enjoyable for everyone by offering a curated selection of products that cater to your day-to-day needs.

Contact Us:

Address: 195 Rivervale Drive, #17-749, Singapore 540195
Phone: +65 8888 8888
Email: hello@turbolink.com 

At Turbo Link Gadgets, we aim to simplify your tech life by providing top-notch accessories that enhance your digital experience. Join us on this tech journey and discover a world of innovation, convenience, and quality.

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